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Here at Expressions, we are constantly doing extensive research on new Tattooing and Body Piercing techniques. That way we stay current, not only for our own benfit but for our clients, as well. We also have extensive training with Bloodbourne Pathegens .

We stay up on all the latest Body jewelry, If you don't see what you are looking for, just ask and we will do our best to get it.

Our Gift Shop is pretty much one of a kind items, such as my Tat-2-AL Handcrafted Met-AL Art


The last ten years have seen an educational renaissance within the tattoo industry. Artists have become increasingly aware of the potentional risks associated with bloodborne pathogens and have taken steps to protect their clients and themselves.With little education and some research, you can assure yourself of a safe, professional tattoo.


HIV is a very delicate virus and does not survive long outside the human body. Nor is it spread through casual contact. Generally, the virus is only transmitted when sufficient quantities of highly infected blood are intorduced into the body of another. The structure of tattoo needles does not lend itself to HIV transmission. According to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, there has never been a case of HIV transmission from tattooing in the United States. Cases outside the US were not positively attributed to tattooing because all reported cases also fit in the profile of a "high risk" lifestyle.


The disease to consider when getting tattooed is heatitis. Hepatitis, unlike HIV, is a very hardy virus that can survive long periods outside the human body and can be transmitted through little more than a scratch with an infected needle.To pathogen, artists autoclave their single service equipment, use individual portions of ink and lubricant, dispose of used sharps according to OSHA guidelines, use EPA registered virucidals to clean their stations between clients, and use barrier protection. These procedures are called Standard Precautions. Basically, the artist must treat everyone (including themselves) as though they were infectious. That way, everyone is protected and the potential for infection is reduce to next to nothing.


Your artist should be wearing gloves any time they are touching broken skin and should change their gloves frequently. This protects both you and the artist from any bloodborne pathogens that may be present.


An autoclave is the only acceptable means of equipment sterillization in the tattoo shop. It's a machine that uses a combination of heat, steam and pressure to kill all the pathogenic microorganisms known to man. If the shop does not use an autoclave, do not get tattooed there. Shops should keep regular records of their autoclave use and testing. Ask to see them if you feel uncertain.


APT admits artists based on their desire to educate themselves in a safe tattoo procedure rather than artistic merit. For that reason,we do not recommend specific artists. Not to mention, there are a number of excellent artists who,for whatever reason, have NOT joined APT. While we would like you to patronize one of our artists,it would be a shame to pass up an excellent artists simply because they did'nt belong to our organization. You can still assure yourself that you're in good hands by following a few simple guidelines.

Your concerns are twofold. You need to find an artist who's work you like, who will work on you safely. Ask people how they got tattooed, especially if you really like the work you see. Ask to see photographs of the artist work. Most often, the pictures will have been taken right after the work was completed, so redness and swelling are common. In spite of that , they're are things you can learn. Are the lines clean and smooth or broken and jagged? Do they meet up? Does the artist work in the style you're looking for? Taking time to check out a few artists and shops will ensure that you're happy with your results.


Make sure the shop is neat and clean. What you see in the front room is a pretty good indication of what you will see elsewhere in the shop. Ask questions about the shop's safety procedures. What are they doing to insure your health and well being? The personel should be willing and able to answer your questions. If you feel they are brushing your conserns aside or can't answer you, leave and seek out a *professional* shop.


All equipment should be single service . This means that each needle and tube set is individually packaged, dated and sealed and autoclaved. The artist should open a fresh set of needles and tubes in front of you. Any ointments , pigments, needles, gloves, razors, plastic trays, or containers used in applying your new tattoo are discarded after use, after the tattoo application, the artist will disinfect the work area with an EPA approved viruscide that will kill any surface bacteria or viruses.

We provide safe, sterile, quality Tattooing and Piercing , Reasonably priced, We specalize in fineline tattooing, cover-ups, Black and Grey, custom, Tribal, and Traditinal. Your design or ours.

Piercing, We have the largest selection of body jewelry in citrus county.

We do Medical Tattoos.

We also do tempoary tattoos.

We also carry Tempory Tattoos

First of all, I'd like to say welcome to Expressions. The art of "TAT-2-AL HERMAN". I've been interested in some sort of artwork since I was a kid. Wether it be fabricating a small engine on a motor bike,or fabricating motor mounts and exaust to put a small block shey engine in 1973 vega, or wether it be painting skulls or flames on my car, or custom painting a big block chevy engine on my mothers carpet in my bedroom, I have built a custom camper top for my 1958 Cushman 3 wheeler, I've built custom built sheds, I've made custom rings out of different colored phone wire and sold them door to door,I've lso made plaster of paris models and sold door to door also. All before I was 16. I have also done leather work. I designed my own clothing line, I've manufactored body jewelry, I've done some clay modeling, I've done some modeling myself. But it was in 1978 when I found my real passion : "TATTOOING" I was just 18 hanging out at "Lou's Tattoo's" in Clearwater Fl. Tattooing was outlawed in Florida. I saw Lou on the news everyday fighting it in court till he finally won and opened up. Thats where it all started. I went on working for Lou till the early 80's and then I went on to open my own shops Manufactureing body jewelry have had shops across the country, I have even done some writing and publishing , Have also had a Gift Shop . Since all have passed away, TAT"S TAYLOR an old, an also LOU SCIBERRAS , AND of course LOU DEBIASE, last but not least ALL Great Artists, I'll miss you all. but most of all I'll miss you Lou Debiase, my mentor, my friend, I'll always keep a special place in my heart, may you rest in peace.




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At Expressions Tattoo and Body Piercing, I belive your tattoo should only be applied by a skillled artist in a clean and safe sterile enviroment, using single service needles and autoclave sterlized equipment.

My name is AL HERMAN, better known as TAT-2-AL. I have been tattooing in the business for the past 34 years. I originally started tattooing in clearwater, FL and have since traveled across the country tattooing and piercing. In 1985, I opened AL's Tattoos in Laurel, MD, and in 1992 I moved the shop to the DC area changing the name to Capitol Tattoo Inc., currently still in business. You may check out our website at

My commitment to quality, as well as safe and reasonalby priced tattoos and body piercings is stronger than ever. My supreme goal is your total satifaction with your tattoo and body piercing experince. You can expect friendly service, a knowledgable staff eager to ansure all of your questions, Clean work stations, and sterile single service needles and equippment. It's a lifelong decision for your body we're talking about here.... don't settle for anything less than perfection!


FLORIDA'S Oldest & Award Winning Artist!

Largest Selection of Body Jewelry in Citrus County

All Photo's are actual Photo's of My, Our work and or our inventory, and store.

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