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Member National Tattoo Association

First of all, I'd like to say welcome to Expressions. The art of "TAT-2-AL HERMAN". I've been interested in some sort of artwork since I was a kid. Wether it be fabricating a small engine on a motor bike,or fabricating motor mounts and exaust to put a small block chevy engine in 1973 vega, or whether it be painting skulls or flames on my car, or custom painting a big block chevy engine on my mothers carpet in my bedroom, I have built a custom camper top for my 1958 Cushman 3 wheeler, I've built custom built sheds, I've made custom rings out of different colored phone wire and sold them door to door,I've lso made plaster of paris models and sold door to door also. All before I was 16. I have also done leather work. I designed my own clothing line, I've manufactored body jewelry, I've done some clay modeling, I've done some modeling myself. But it was in 1978 when I found my real passion : "TATTOOING" I was just 18 hanging out at "Lou's Tattoo's" in Clearwater Fl. Tattooing was outlawed in Florida. I saw Lou on the news everyday fighting it in court till he finally won and opened up. Thats where it all started. I went on working for Lou till the early 80's and then I went on to open my own shops Manufacturing body jewelry have had shops across the country, I have even done some writing and publishing , Have also had a Gift Shop . Since all have passed away, TAT"S TAYLOR, LOU SCIBERRAS, and of course LOU DEBIASE, last but not least ALL Great Artists, I'll miss you all. but most of all, I'll miss you LOU DEBIASE, my mentor, my friend, I'll always keep a special place in my heart, may you rest in peace.

Member Alliance of Professional Tattooist

Licensed by the State of Florida Health Department

Licensed by Marion County Health Department

Certifited in BioHazard Waste

Healthcare Professional Certification

BLS: Adult CPR, Child CPR & Infant CPR

Emergency Basic First Aid

Bloodbourne Pathogens

Featured in TIME Magazine

November 2012

Cognitive A.E.D. Training

HIV Awarenes Training

Featured in The WASHINGTION

July 1994


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